Industries Using DRM

  •  Music

I made a list of the 22 ways to sell music, and 20 of them still require DRM… People just want music, when they want it. It’s about access. If they get that then they don’t care about DRM.

 — David Hughes, of the RIAA’s Technology Division

  • Movies

Content owners use DRMs because it provides casual, honest users with guidelines for using and consuming content based on the usage rights that were acquired. Without the use of DRMs, honest consumers would have no guidelines and might eventually come to totally disregard copyright and therefore become a pirate, resulting in great harm to content creators.

The MPAA’s Dan Glickman, on DRM keeping users in check

  • TV

[Apple’s] user rules just scare the heck out of us.

An anonymous studio executive, on the iTunes store’s DRM for TV shows allowing playback authorization on up to 3 devices

  • Mobile Phones

The best attack on pirates is to make their work more difficult and expensive, while simultaneously making the legal path to products straightforward, easy, and fast. Piracy is a bad business to be in when the user has a choice between easily purchasing the app and visiting an untrustworthy, black-market site.

Google, on Android’s DRM solution

  • Games & Software

When we entered Russia everyone said, “You can’t make money in there. Everyone pirates.” When people decide where to buy their games they look and they say, “Jesus, the pirates provide a better service for us.” The best way to fight piracy is to create a service that people need. I think [publishers with strict DRM] will sell less of their products and create more problems.

 — Gabe Newell, co-founder of game developer Valve Corporation and their Steam digital distribution platform

  • eBooks

If Penguin has an issue with Amazon, we ask that they deal with Amazon directly and not hold libraries hostage to a conflict of business models. This situation is one more log thrown onto the fire of libraries’ abilities to provide access to books – in this case titles they’ve already purchased. Penguin should restore access for library patrons now.

— Maureen Sullivan, President of the American Library Association, on Penguin’s decision to stop library lending of Kindle editions of their books


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